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    review rating 5  Dr. Patel at Moran Eye Center is so experienced. His surgical talent made the results of my surgery to fix drooping eye lids exactly what I was looking for. He is professional and personable. He explained the procedure in detail and his surgical team was amazing. The follow up care was very easy. I would highly recommend him and the Moran Eye Center experience.

    thumb Marilyn Domenick

    review rating 5  I had lines around my mouth because I was a smoker. I hated the way the lines looked old and puckered. I was looking like my mother! I could see the lines in photographs. My aesthetician was amazed at the result of the laser treatment Dr. BCK Patel did for me. My lines are gone and no-one can tell I had them. My aesthetician showed me a photo she had taken before which showed my lines and I was amazed. I wish I had had these treated a long time ago as I love the way my lips look now.

    thumb Hilary Thomson

    review rating 5  It took over 3 years to diagnose my condition of blepharospasm, and it was a lonely frustrating journey along the way. I will not list the doctors that were unable to help me, as I hold nothing against them, they just didn’t have the knowledge to diagnose or fix my problem.In March of 2015, I noticed a “distraction” with my eyes..excessive blinking and winking. I visited my primary care doctor. He thought my condition was dry eyes so he referred me to an optometrist. I had no relief so I visited another optometrist based on a recommendation of my friend. This doctor recommended heat compress, eye wipes, vitamin e, and eye drops.They were still heavy, difficult to keep open, and especially painful when driving.After that, I tried many doctors and many treatments for several years.Eventually, I found a Dr. Salinas in Las Vegas who concluded that I had blephoraspasm with apraxia, and it was very rare. He recommended me to Dr. Digre with John A Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City.By the time I got to Dr Digre, my symptoms were bad. Often my eyes ache and it was painful to look up, to be in sunlight, to drive, and to focus on writing. I continued to have spasms in my cheeks right below my eyes (I only noticed when I was ready to go to sleep and am totally relaxed). Sometimes I would wake up because my eyes seem to be clenching shut, they ached and I would have to open them and make them “relax” when closing them again. Finally, in the last several months, I have noticed that my left eye doesn’t respond as quickly as the right. I “tell” my eyes to open, one would open faster than the other.When I went to see Dr. Digre in April of 2018, I was desperate to find answers. I had tried everything the doctors prescribed. From drops to gel to warm socks over my eyes. From humidifier to flaxseed oil. Surgery to lift my brow. Tear duct plugs. The special process called Lipiflow. Botox Shots. My problem had deteriorated to the point that my eyes spasmed so often that it made it difficult to drive, run, hike, even work.Dr. Digre and her staff made me feel like the most important person in the world. They eventually referred me to Dr. Buphendra Patel (he works in Salt Lake City as well as St. George). His knowledge, his expertise, his caring, and most of all the botox treatment that he has given me (and will continue to provide every three months) has literally turned my life around. I had botox before but it was not the dosage or the position of the muscles that it needed to be. His technique, the amount of time he took to listen to me and understand the issue…it has changed my outlook on what life is for me. While it’s not perfect, and I will never be exactly as I was before, I can now enjoy my life again. I can drive, I can work, I can hike on the weekends. I have my life back.I know this is a long story and I’m sorry if it repeats too much. I felt like I was the only on the planet with this condition. It was taking away everything I loved to do. And to discover that it was possible to have all that back because of a few amazing doctors that are caring, professional, and design their practice around truly learning what the issue is and providing some relief to that….well, that deserves to be shared, if for no other reason to recognize Dr. Digre and Dr. Patel and their staff for the amazing and awesome job they are doing.But if you are like me and suffer these same symptoms, please do not despair. You are not alone and there is help available!

    thumb Karen Basilotta

    review rating 5  I was referred to Dr Patel by a friend that was seen by him for a similar issue that I was experiencing. I was involved in a car accident, I suffered major face trauma. I had a shattered eye socket and broken nose in 3 places(left and right side and deviated septum). The surgeon I was introduced to did my surgeries, yes surgeries. Over the course of 7months I had undergone 6 surgeries, major to "minor" but still traumatic while trying to heal internally from the accident itself. I also dealt with steroid injections to try to improve the eye damage. At this point I reached out to a plastic surgeon for a second opinion on how to repair my eye lid(from the trauma/surgeries). He would not attempt nor see me for more than just advice, we looked up specialists at the appointment where he had referred me to Dr Patel as well. I finally had enough of being poked and stitched, I decided to take a break. I needed to really think about what I was doing in allowing so many surgeries and having the disappoint of it not working and enduring all the pain. I was than reminded about a specialist in SLC at the Moran Eye center Dr Patel. I waited almost a year before reaching out to Dr Patel's office to schedule a meeting. I had to wait a couple months to be seen, but it was worth it. Within seconds of meeting Dr. Patel, he knew exactly what was needed to fix my eye. I could not believe how fast, he knew what needed to be done. That in itself showed me that I had made the right choice in seeking a new Surgeon/Specialist. With all this being said, I went through with the surgery and here I am 6 weeks later and so much more confident and pleased with my results. He had to do a skin graft to fix it properly. Sometimes it is up to you to make the decision on going elsewhere or seeking other options to get the results you deserve and want. Thank you Dr Patel and staff!

    thumb Rochelle Howe

    review rating 4  I'm so happy with the results of my blepharoplasty. Now I look more awake and younger. My eyes don't look puffy anymore and that's awesome Dr. Patel.

    thumb nrma chacon

    review rating 5  My name is Kerry Cole. Three weeks ago (10-16-20), I had surgery to fix stark ptosis. Unbeknownst to me, over the years my peripheral vision had been severely impaired. I was directed to the Moran Eye Center where I met with Dr. Patel for consultation. During that conference Dr. Patel described the problems associated with ptosis, and how these obstructions could be corrected with surgery. He then took the time to explain different procedures that surgeons use to remove the excess skin during from around the eye. Dr. Patel said his new procedure follows the normal curves of the face and wrinkles on the forehead which makes the scar lines almost undetectable. I decided to go forward with the surgery.Immediately after the surgery I noticed a huge difference with my peripheral vision. It seemed to be restored to normal and I noticed that objects around were much brighter. It has been several weeks since the procedure and all the sutures are gone. The incision lines on my forehead are already almost non-existent. My wife and family say they can see a dramatic difference in my eyes and face in general. I want to thank Dr. Patel for taking the time to explain the difference in procedures and performing his procedure which I feel was best for me. The attached pictures were taken the day my sutures were removed.

    thumb Kerry Cole

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