THEY SAID IT COULN’T BE DONE I can’t reach those upper notes to sing high enough praises for Dr. Bhupendra Patel. He not only exceeded my expectations, he changed my life! I received a botched blepharoplasty, performed by a prominent Beverly Hills doctor years ago. I was left with eyes that could not close and were very uneven. Some 20 surgeries later and trusting four different doctors including yet another Beverly Hills doctor, Dr. Patel accomplished what all the others said could never be done. He helped my eyelids close and made them look even . . . and it only took one surgery. It is a true miracle! My life is forever improved. I found that It doesn’t take a Beverly Hills address to find the very best! Since eyesight equates to independence, I want to let others know that it is imperative to seek an oculoplastic surgeon if you are looking for eye surgery of any kind. I highly recommend Dr. Patel. You deserve the optimum outcome I received. I now have improved vision, function, and a newfound confidence. There is no way I can adequately express my gratitude for the genius, expertise, skill, and compassion of Dr. Patel!

Lynette Ward Avatar Lynette Ward

Amazing! I had my surgery a month ago. What an improvement it made. I look like a much younger version of myself. My skin is so youthful and beautiful. I can't say enough about Dr. Patel. He is a very skilled surgeon and I am so very grateful for the care I received.

Erik Sjogren Avatar Erik Sjogren

I'm so happy with the results of my blepharoplasty. Now I look more awake and younger. My eyes don't look puffy anymore and that's awesome Dr. Patel.

nrma chacon Avatar nrma chacon

Dr. Patel is the kindest and most gentle doctor I have ever met. I saw Dr Patel at the Moran eye center in Salt lake City for and orbital tumor in my left eye. The tumor was the size of my eyeball. I scheduled an outpatient surgery with Dr Patel, and if you looked at me right now you would have no idea I'd ever even had a surgery. No scars, at all! And best of all, my vision is 100% I am deeply grateful for my experience with Dr Patel and would trust him with any surgery. !

R. sermon Avatar R. sermon

Dr. Patel is a brilliant surgeon, an artistic prodigy, and a consummate gentleman. I have had two procedures from him and both had excellent results. I recommend him without reservation.

Stephen Morris Avatar Stephen Morris

Dr Patel did a fantastic job with his facelift “revision” on my face. I had given up hope after a botched facelift 5 years ago left me with scars and stretch marks that no other doctor would even consider correcting. Not only did Dr Patel take me on, he worked MAGIC! Both my husband and I are forever grateful. I look like my natural self again and I am ready to put my nightmare behind me and look towards the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr Patel!

Debbie Keller Avatar Debbie Keller


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