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When I look at my before and after pictures, I feel blessed to have found Dr Patel. My before picture shows heavy upper eye lids that appear to make me look sad and older than my age. My lower eye lids were puffy and needed to match my new revised upper lids so naturally I did both. The after picture tells it all... I look radiant with bright youthful eyes and I don't look sad any more. If you are interested in having this same procedure, I highly recommend Dr Patel to be your Plastic Surgeon. He really knows what he is doing and can help you to look good again too.

thumb Dawn Oler

Dr. Patel did a fabulous job on my Mohs closure. I had a small skin cancer on my bottom eye lid that the dermatologist removed leaving about 40% of my bottom eyelid missing. I feared I would end up with a distorted/misshapen eyelid and huge gap in bottom lashes. However, Dr. Patel was able to creatively borrow skin and lashes from the rest of my eye, leaving minimal scarring and unnoticeable gap in lashes. I am so grateful that he came so highly recommended to me and that I was able to get this procedure done by someone so capable and willing to try his best to get the most functional and best looking results for the patients. Dr. Patel was not concerned about getting this done fast, he was more worried about patient appearance and end results. You can barely see that I have had a procedure at all and I am only 2 months out. I foresee not being able to tell at all once healing is complete. Dr. Patel's office was also willing to schedule my after care appointments early in the morning, so I didn't have to miss work for the appointments. I had a great overall experience as Dr. Patel is a very confident, competent surgeon who is very good at his job and is a perfectionist at getting best results for his patients. Thanks so much for making me feel and look my best! You are amazing!

thumb Jorgina Rowley (LRIS)

I am soooo happy with Dr. Patel's results in my case. I was recommended to him by a dear friend who had had a botched eye lift. Her results gave me full confidence to proceed. I was NOT disappointed. He is amazing!

thumb Kathrine McAllister

Dr Patel is wonderful at making your eye spams disappear. Every 4 months I go to Dr Patel for Botox injections around my eye. He injects above, below and on my eyelid above my lashes to control my eye spams. It takes all of about 5 minutes and the only thing I do for the pain is to apply Aspercreme with Lidocaine around my eye where he will do the injections. If you are experiencing spams in your eye go see Dr Patel. He is great.

thumb Shirley Trimble

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Patel for his help with my daughter. She has been struggling with a disease of the eye where a growth attaches itself to the eyelid and the eye ball. My daughter has had several operations and hasn't been able to get on top of it. Dr. Patel operated and was successful. My daughter is soooo happy. Her eye is working again. She can move it normally and no longer has the double vision. Thanks again to Dr. Patel. He is appreciated in our family.

thumb Myron

Dr. Patel is the kindest and most gentle doctor I have ever met. I saw Dr Patel at the Moran eye center in Salt lake City for and orbital tumor in my left eye. The tumor was the size of my eyeball. I scheduled an outpatient surgery with Dr Patel, and if you looked at me right now you would have no idea I'd ever even had a surgery. No scars, at all! And best of all, my vision is 100% I am deeply grateful for my experience with Dr Patel and would trust him with any surgery. !

thumb R. sermon


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