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    4 star review  I'm so happy with the results of my blepharoplasty. Now I look more awake and younger. My eyes don't look puffy anymore and that's awesome Dr. Patel.

    thumb nrma chacon

    5 star review  Very professional and Great results. It is supprising how much more light I see. My up prephreal vision has improved remarkably. Very little pain with the proceedure and as warned I did have to use eye drops for about 3 months until my eyes adjusted. Great Job.

    thumb Mark Boyer

    5 star review  Dr. Patel at Moran Eye Center is so experienced. His surgical talent made the results of my surgery to fix drooping eye lids exactly what I was looking for. He is professional and personable. He explained the procedure in detail and his surgical team was amazing. The follow up care was very easy. I would highly recommend him and the Moran Eye Center experience.

    thumb Marilyn Domenick

    5 star review  I was referred to Dr Patel by a friend that was seen by him for a similar issue that I was experiencing. I was involved in a car accident, I suffered major face trauma. I had a shattered eye socket and broken nose in 3 places(left and right side and deviated septum). The surgeon I was introduced to did my surgeries, yes surgeries. Over the course of 7months I had undergone 6 surgeries, major to "minor" but still traumatic while trying to heal internally from the accident itself. I also dealt with steroid injections to try to improve the eye damage. At this point I reached out to a plastic surgeon for a second opinion on how to repair my eye lid(from the trauma/surgeries). He would not attempt nor see me for more than just advice, we looked up specialists at the appointment where he had referred me to Dr Patel as well. I finally had enough of being poked and stitched, I decided to take a break. I needed to really think about what I was doing in allowing so many surgeries and having the disappoint of it not working and enduring all the pain. I was than reminded about a specialist in SLC at the Moran Eye center Dr Patel. I waited almost a year before reaching out to Dr Patel's office to schedule a meeting. I had to wait a couple months to be seen, but it was worth it. Within seconds of meeting Dr. Patel, he knew exactly what was needed to fix my eye. I could not believe how fast, he knew what needed to be done. That in itself showed me that I had made the right choice in seeking a new Surgeon/Specialist. With all this being said, I went through with the surgery and here I am 6 weeks later and so much more confident and pleased with my results. He had to do a skin graft to fix it properly. Sometimes it is up to you to make the decision on going elsewhere or seeking other options to get the results you deserve and want. Thank you Dr Patel and staff!

    thumb Rochelle Howe

    5 star review  Dr. Patel is worthy of praise. My surgery was remarkable. Very little scaring, healing time is right on with what he told me would happen. I am very very happy with the results and would strongly recommend him. He is honest and tells it like it is and what it is going to look like when you are done healing and he was a 100% on.

    thumb Donna Rock

    5 star review  I am beyond pleased with my results. Dr Patel is such a caring doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Patel .

    thumb Marty Adle


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