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I have gone to Dr Patel for 2 surgeries. About 4 years ago, I had what I would call an eyelid lift. At the time, Dr Patel knew it would not solve all of my problems, but it was all my insurance would pay for. Then, this year, my optometrist noted that my forehead and heavy eyebrows were blocking my vision again. I was referred back to Dr Patel. In every interaction, Dr Patel is eternally happy and upbeat. He greets me with a big smile and kind words. He works (and talks) quickly and efficiently. I exudes confidence when you are with him. For this most recent surgery, Dr Patel explained that my scars would be hidden in one of my forehead "folds" (not sure if that is the proper term). I scheduled my surgery, and went in with no fears. The surgery went well, the recovery was smooth. The results have been to or beyond my expectations. I would re-do this procedure again in a moment. Dr Patel is the best! (and look how much happier i am in the post surgery photo!)

thumb JL Smith

I have been very satisfied with the results of my Injections. Dr Patel has an eye for giving you the exact look you are going for. Highly recommend him!

thumb Becca Russell

Dr. Patel was awesome! He removed a dermoid cyst from our one year old daughters eye. We were so nervous because she is so young but Dr. Patel quickly made us feel comfortable. He did an amazing job on the surgery and it is healing well. Definitely one of the kindest doctors we have ever met. Highly highly recommend!

thumb Brittany Bridges

I did a lot of research and met with multiple surgeons before deciding to go with Dr. Patel. I had a forehead osteoma, and it was very difficult to find a surgeon that had experience and/or preference to do the procedure via an endoscopic method. I was concerned with having a large scar on the center of my forehead, in addition to the loss of feeling/numbness. Dr. Patel was the only plastic surgeon I was able to meet with that had experience in the endoscopic method. He did a phenomenal job and I could not be happier. The procedure was simple and done within less than 2 hours. The scaring is minimal and it is hidden in my hair line. I have not noticed any hair loss in the area of the incision as well. Dr. Patel was extremely patient and helpful. We met on multiple occasions and he answered my questions until I was comfortable to move forward.

thumb L. M.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Patel for his help with my daughter. She has been struggling with a disease of the eye where a growth attaches itself to the eyelid and the eye ball. My daughter has had several operations and hasn't been able to get on top of it. Dr. Patel operated and was successful. My daughter is soooo happy. Her eye is working again. She can move it normally and no longer has the double vision. Thanks again to Dr. Patel. He is appreciated in our family.

thumb Myron

I had not appreciated that after five and a half years - & with a prosthesis - eyelids can change. Dr. Patel and his team bent over backwards to help me and I am very grateful to him, to Abraham and to Dena. They were an amazing and HUGE help in helping me build back my confidence and feel the way I want to feel with regard to my facial aesthetics. Dr. Patel said he would take care of me and he did! He explained in detail the general circumstances surrounding my situation and eased my frustrations immediately. He explained just how much the eyelid can change in a matter of extended time. Dr. Patel clearly cares about his patients (so does his staff!), as he was available to discuss and clarify all of this with me personally.

thumb David M


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