Important Information:

You have many choices as there are some excellent cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in this area and across the United States. 

We believe in gentle and informational plastic surgery. To wit:

1. You will never experience sales pitches from our team.

2. We will always spend as much time as you need to ensure all your questions are answered.

3. We always encourage ALL our patients to think things through before signing up for any treatments, especially surgical treatments.

4. We always encourage all our patients to get second opinions. Indeed, we regularly see patients who come to see us for second, third, fourth and sixth opinions!! We will always give your our independent opinion as to what is safest and best for you. Patients are always surprised that we talk them out of unnecessary surgery: unnecessary surgery is surgery you think may benefit you but we know not to be the case!

5. You will always see Dr. Patel in person before and after your surgery, as well as in your follow-up appointments. We do not employ physician extenders who seem to do all the preoperative and postoperative care and visits these days: yyou deserve the full expertise of your surgeon, not an “extender” (sounds like a disease or spare part).

6. I am very fussy about my results. Trained by the fathers of Plastic Surgery, we were taught that results are all that matter. We will continue to see you and assess you after surgery until both, you and I are happy with the results. Plastic surgery is an art, not an exact science: it is therefore not uncommon to perform little adjustments after surgery. This is to the good! You get a better result than the patient who only sees his or her surgeon at the time of surgery!

7. Communication is key. My team and I fully understand this and give you complete access to us for questions to be answered.

8. Dr. Patel teaches residents, fellows and surgeons from all over the world. HOWEVER, you should rest assured that all the important surgical steps are always performed by Dr. Patel. He will often have trainee surgeons assist him. If you are having surgery under sedation, you may be part of our conversations, which often include surgical steps, anatomy, physiology, ethics, outcomes, literature, art, music, travel, sailing, good food, and the meaning of life. 

Dr. Patel sees patients in various clinics, including clinics in Africa, Asia and Europe. Most of the patients seen in Africa and Asia are part of his reconstructive surgeries performed in areas where they do not have all the expertise they need. In Europe, he will often see patients for his fellows that he has trained, and see patients at meetings he attends. We also maintain an active "Help your Surgeon" discussion forum via the internet where video-chat consultations are done and advice given.

A well-Informed patient is a happy patient!

Our patients are bombarded with information about cosmetic medicine and surgery appearing in print, electronic, broadcast and social media. Although some of the information obtained from these sources may be relevant, much of it is intended to sensationalise rather than educate. Websites and social media often overload patients with conflicting information and cause confusion, frustration and unrealistic expectations. It is the doctor’s ethical responsibility to educate the patient by presenting the facts in an unbiased manner. Not all Cosmetic Clinics have the medical staff with the desirable level of experience, medical knowledge, training and expertise. The well-informed patient should choose their doctor based on trust, not on hype or cost. We do not advertise or promote procedures, simply analyse, diagnose and explain. You will see that most of our patients come to us by word-of-mouth and by reading what our patients say about our skill and care on the internet. 

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