Undesirable Results!

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Value VS Cost

As we see many patients who come to us with results that are less than satisfactory with treatments they have performed elsewhere, it becomes apparent that there is a need to understand value and cost.

The “cost” of something is its price in dollars or pounds. The “value” of that same thing is what it is worth to you. We aim to give you much more value than what something costs you: be it a reconstructive procedure or a cosmetic one.  

However, sometimes, being enticed by or coerced into having procedures done because of discounted or “couponed” procedures can lead to less than satisfactory results. This is especially so when the thinking goes “it is being discounted so I will give it a go”. Materials on discount are not always what one may need. Furthermore, “buying” a small amount of discounted material may be worse than doing nothing as it may not give you any visible result but will still cost you. We see this problem frequently.

All treatments carry some risk and treatment by any surgeon or provider may or may not give you the desired result. But you can reduce the risks of undesirable results and unsatisfactory outcomes by not simply choosing discounted quick-in-quick-out cattle runs, but have your face assessed carefully, be shown the best options for any possible treatments now and in the future and be given time to think things over. That is what delivers value to any cost!

You don’t want to get results like the ones shown at the top of this page. More like the results below:

These are our patients! Photos showing before-and-after results of a facelift, browlifts and blepharoplasty by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS, Salt Lake City, St. George, Utah
Long-term results of browlifts, blepharoplasty, laser. Choosing the right procedures gives long-lasting results. The combination treatments of surgery, lasers, fat grafts, etc gives a result which more than the separate procedures themselves Photo showing results of browlifts and blepharoplasty by Dr. BCK Patel MD, FRCS of Salt Lake City, Utah and St. George
Beautiful results of browlifts and blepharoplasty. Attention to the overaction of the corrugator and procerus muscles which gave this lady a "frowny" look allowed us to create a nicely relaxed face!

Please see our results for the different treatments on our various web pages. By concentrating on the head and neck, we have a vast experience in reconstructive as well as cosmetic procedures. Our overall motto is to regard every patient we treat as someone seeking an excellent cosmetic outcome: whether they come to see us for a facelift or lower blepharoplasty or need reconstruction of a loss of an eyelid or part of the face as seen below. A brilliant final outcome is always our goal. 

How do we achieve this? By paying attention to anatomy, physiology, aging and disease, if present. We train surgeons from all over the world but Dr. Patel will be the one analysing you and treating you. 

Photos to show the results of major right facial melanoma repair of the face by Dr. Bhupendra C. K. Patel MD of Salt Lake City and Saint George, Utah
Loss of a large part of the right side of face from a melanoma. Reconstruction after extensive Mohs resection of the tumour
Photos to show the results of major left facial melanoma repair of the face by Dr. Bhupendra C. K. Patel MD of Salt Lake City and Saint George, Utah
Major reconstruction of the left side of the face with an emphasis on the cosmetic outcome

Those plastic surgeons that learn to perform beautiful reconstructive surgery perform the best cosmetic surgery: that was taught to me by those that learned from the father of Plastic Surgery, Halold Delf Gillies. I now teach this principle to my residents, fellows and plastic surgeons who come to train with us from the world over. 

I don’t know anyone with a functional problem, be it droopy upper lids, or loss of part of the face, who doesn’t want to look the best they can: there in lies the value of a costly and long education! 

Treatment of severe rhinophyma with multiple lasers including the CO2 laser, fotofacial laser by Dr. BCK Patel of Salt Lake City
This large rhinophyma was affecting this nice chap's ability to work: people can be very unkind! We gave him the best cosmetic result with reconstructive surgery properly performed: something he and his family will value for the rest of his life This illustrates Dr. Patel's technique of improving the neck using his Hammock technique, Salt Lake City, Utah
When repairing droopy eyelids that interfere with vision, many people wish to improve brows, foreheads, baggy lower lids or the lower face. Again, reconstruction and cosmetic surgery married to yield very natural results. Value

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